Your eyes saw my destruction


I moved to a new home. This The roof of the house And the windows of the adjoining living room are almost together Fitted The terrace looks very good through the windows That window Was in the Farrier Room.

On a chair on the roof Book sitting Would read But when I got up on the roof, I saw the girl Dabdab and look at me. For a moment, the head does not grow too much. His I am not ashamed but I am ashamed.

I’m finally on the roof because of the girl Pick up Closed it Didn’t go to the roof for a week. One day I was walking back home. Suddenly one Daughter I pushed along. I opened my eyes I was leaving. It wasn’t my fault. Not him I was angry – Can’t see it ?? Blind or ?? — Faria looked around for a bit.

Looking somewhere was just understandable I couldn’t. Then suddenly with two hands, I nodded To shake Said to shake – All brother .– I shook my head and said in an embarrassed voice, – What are you doing! Someone says so? Leave! — He removed his hand to say sorry.

Then lower Said ,,, –I don’t see anything! So. Me Really Blind! I listened to him and I played the second push. Something like that I wasn’t ready for it at all. Amito Just I said that in anger. Really It’s blind I couldn’t believe it. I’m in his mouth On the side Looking at me Such a Maya One of the looks Girl who has no color other than black in her life Don’t feel bad for him. What to say To understand I couldn’t. But why on the roof that way Looked up I realized then.

Where is he? Whose He is looking at it and does not know. General Chat Chat Lounge However, since then I am on the roof of Rose Got up Talk to him Show out Used to That’s very rare. With her younger sister, Nadia Would go It was time to go again. Usually Blind Many complaints about the lives of girls, There is a lot of sadness But Faria is that Girls Was not like She lives her life Used to enjoy The more I mixed with him, That’s it I’m impressed. General Chat Chat Lounge That day I held her right hand tight I said ,,,

– First push with you that day Ate What month was Bengal in that day? Faria cheeks, holding her left hand Drop it Said ,,,

– It’s urgent for you to know this At home No calendar ?? – Oh no! – Don’t remember Banglato. Know english Tell me?

Immediately on the mobile calendar Bengali I know the month. Then the eyes closed Monotony General Chat Chat Lounge “” At the end of the watch, Ranga is Ashwin that day Month,

Your eyes saw my destruction! “” General Chat Chat Lounge Faria said with a smile, – Not even a poem can say exactly that Are you Rabidadu Hold on !! – I say nothing to the girl’s face Looking at I cry. Smiling eyes come to the water Was going His. In fact, he is not laughing or crying I could not understand. It’s not a laugh to hear my poem. To me Just think Hall has been waiting for something for so long Was.

Today that wait is over! Me too Relaxation I breathed. Laughter is contagious, so I started to laugh too I did. Two days after this, Faria suddenly came to me Said meet To do Have something urgent.

Listening to his voice I realized that I needed a lot. Me I told him to come today to get angry Can’t But Then I went right. Let’s see Faria Fold two-handed Looking up into the sky.


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