I could feel the cold


As soon as he entered Phupi’s house, his father’s chest started to ache. I have never seen my father suffer from chest pain before.

When I called the doctor, my father refused. He thought he would not live anymore. Want to see my wife before she dies. The father and daughter recovered from their illness. Phupi’s only daughter is Faria. I blinked and said, “How can this be possible daddy! Mama …”

I think the pain of my father’s chest increased. Checking his hand on the sofa, he said, “Anything you want!” I went silent. After a while Faria entered the house. Boredom is evident in the eyes. Greeting my father and looking at me, – How can a human being be so selfish? I said – What happened?

– Nipper has not been searched for three days. Today, he is ashamed to be ashamed of his marriage in college. Get married You say it’s a word. How do you get married? ” Phupi stopped him and said,

– You come with me. I will explain how the marriage is done by hoot. ” Faria smiled in her face. Like a compulsive daughter-in-law, Pupu was behind “how to get married”.

I could feel the cold, sweating profusely in the heat. Six times I hiccuped together. General Chat Chat Lounge It’s ten o’clock We are still at Phupi’s house. I will leave tomorrow morning. Nothing has been reported yet.

Ever since I was twelve years old, my parents have been competing for my marriage. My mother wanted me to marry the younger sister-in-law, Sabiha. And Dad wanted Faria.

I once looked at my father. What a hilarious look! I am really impressed with my father’s acting talent. It would have been better if my father would have done drama and movie without doing a job. Today, however, there is a new idea about parents. The worse the mother, the more stubborn the father.

Even if you could not talk to your mother, she showed up at work. Meanwhile, Faria has been in jail since then. The eyes are red with glowing eyes. Hiccups have cried loudly. I’m sure he has a boyfriend. This means that he will have to spend his entire life as a third Parson Singular. I can’t think of what to call myself.

But right now I should comfort Farya. I went to the farrier room with a glass of water. When he saw me, his tears stopped. I said in a soft voice, – Well done to you in the dark.


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