Pineapple Shake


I entered the kitchen and looked at the pineapples. The guests really want to organize something different. Even today, he is no exception.

I wish I could make a glass of special “Pineapple Shake” for thirst this summer. But that would be a little different, so I canceled the idea. I took a glass of mango shake and entered the drawing room.

Thirst began to speak with a glass in his hand. Explaining the reason why he left home. According to Trisha, she is being pressured to marry her from home. But thirsty will not marry.

Thirst is not important if you do not want to get married. The important thing is that his younger brother could not marry because he was not married. Since there is a big house in the house, nobody even comes up with a marriage proposal for the brother.

Suddenly, thirsty people feel that no one appreciates this house. No one has any tension, no love and no love. So she got out of the house without telling anyone.

Someday I want to teach everyone at home. Even though everyone goes to search his daughter’s friends’ house, no one will come here to search the boy’s house, knowing that he is here. Although this girl does not digest everything I say. After the talk, Thirsty told me,


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