Look, it looks positive


Depa Pregnant, Asif was not happy at all. In her two years of marriage, Deepa, however, has come to realize that Asif’s son is not happy with her.

“Look, it looks positive!” Asif’s eyes twinkled, “Move, move. Don’t understand yourself! Are you a fool!” In fact, some of the urine in the device has to be given for the test. Asif has a slight disgust at it. Although Asif did not express such enthusiasm over the issue of child rearing, Deepa Bhasur, meaning Asif’s older brother Aslam was very happy.

That evening, Deepa brought Bhasu’s pizza home. He told Deepa with a box, “You will eat.” Deepa did not eat. The box was placed in the drawer, how would you look with a little face after eating Asif.

Being a normal family girl, Deepa does not know the taste of the expensive restaurant pizza.


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