I went crazy temporarily


Some time ago I went crazy temporarily. With the emo installed on the phone, I started to feel like I was a migrant and I left my wife at home.

From that point onward I started living in my own home. I used to call my parents sir. The hallucinations were working out that I work in their house, in return they give me money. I used to try to talk to them in English.

Ant than to treat me. Sweeping the house, marketing the bazaar, assisting in the cooking, cooking dishes all worked. But at the end of the month, the father would pay as much as five hundred rupees. What seemed to matter! Why is so low pay despite so much work? Later, I realized in the heart of Maldives that I had come for stomach upset. I must have a wife to hold my hallucinations.

The phone number was saved by a girlfriend named Mow. I thought I wrote Bow Mow by mistake. Later, I took the number of the tie wife’s phone and started making regular phone calls. The girl seems to be interested in me a bit.

I realize now that it is healed. Because, whenever I ask what kids do, he or she answers something like “they are sleeping” or “playing”! And she used to talk to me like an ideal wife. After knowing that this Mow has been married for two years. Her husband lives abroad. So she had an emo relationship with me.

Knowing this I vomited twice in my mind. On that day, some of the floor of the house was broken. Dad brought the Crown Cement from the market to fix it. I ran from the distance. I hugged my father and cried.

I told my father, “Your building my country cement sir, we are very proud sir!” Father Agatha did not understand anything and waited.


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