Khan Mohammad Jahangir Alam


Khan Mohammad Jahangir Alam. The importance of the name of the people is also very important. He is one of the top industrialists in the country. Needless to say, the owner of the real estate. He has a car-house business everywhere – in the country and abroad. While in the country, he rode his modest land cruiser.

With the age of sixty-six the old man is showing the nature of the people. Reputable smartphones from reputable brands, so always head out of the shirt pocket of the shirt. Without Rolex, he doesn’t wear a watch. This man, who is flying over the abyss in a haughtiness, stands with his huge bapu like an idol poet in a mosque.

He is surrounded by three sons of seventeen-eighteen years – Sajjad, Shakib and Pushan. The grandfather of Sajjad, a far-flung relation, is our khansaheb. Sajjad came home to save the birthday invitation.

It is as if it has become his time! He came to the mosque to pray, and his shoes cost ten thousand rupees. On the day of Jumma, naturally, shoemakers get their fill. Dadasaheb has become their victim. The mourners are standing like rocks. Shoes were not found in the whole mosque.

What happens now, Sajjad is suffering without tension. Meanwhile, his thoughts grew even more when he saw such a staggering state of old. He said to me, “Grandpa, yeah-that shoe’s been stolen.” After hearing this, Pitta was burned.

Is he a little kid, who would tell him that his shoes were stolen ?! He tried to reduce the fire of anger that was burning inside. Damn! Don’t read the rage. If you could raise a boy with a straw, you could have peace.


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