Tulumama became even more angry


What if my Tulumama is unemployed, he has knowledge of almost everything. He is now the boss of general knowledge by throwing three times at BCS. He always tells me to learn to do well. Mama let me.

I didn’t even remember 8-12. I’m scared. Mama came to my reading room before entering the house. Then I read. -Ball Ruhi, who breaks the temple of Somnath? Cochrane did not fall.

He said in fear, I did not break, mama. I am a good boy. Mom was beside me. Mama angrily told Ammu, what your son is saying to you! Mom said softly, Tulu, believe my son Ray I know. Not a boy like the ruin of the Ruhi Temple.

Tulumama became even more angry in the abu’s room. -Dulabhai, what is your wife and son-in-law saying! They have not broken the temple of Somnath! Abu Gambhir said, “Yes, Shalababu.

I know that neither my wife nor my son have broken the temple of Somnath. They cannot commit such a heinous crime!” Mama loves common sense more than her life.

So she became very angry at the joke that she was going to judge Nanavi for justice.

Said, – Do I have less money? So much money to take a temple and break a temple. Take that money. Make it a new one.


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