Dadashaheb is rock


Meanwhile, Dadasaheb is slowly breaking the bar of patience in every word of the Sajjad. The desire to strike the hatchet has shown a certain shape.

Meanwhile, a boy with shaggy hair and a bearded beard, what the hell? Yes, Potion! The boy is looking at his chest again and again with another shock! The chest was slightly heavier with some fat. So what the boys and boys will notice! “The Kali era has arrived!” He said in his heart. Nowadays there is such a catastrophic downfall of KKPill, seeing what K-pop or K-pop is going on! To avoid being harassed, he turned around and called the driver to bring his car to the mosque.

Meanwhile, Sajjad’s younger brother got the size of Dadasaheb’s feet at home without a car or a pair of sponges! He must have appeared with them. Dadasaheb took a deep breath when he saw the sponge pair. Later, the little sponge containing the pair came down from the mosque to the car.

Two bulbs of one hundred watts lit on Dadasaheb’s door to open the driver’s car door! Because the shoes of his chauffeur are looking at him from inside the car!

“Hey, these are the kicks in here!” He said to the floor.
“Can you sir!” As if the driver fell from the sky!
“They did not send me back into the car with their hands in fear of being stolen !!”


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