Now mom and baby go to bed


My whole family went into serial getting addicted to Hindi cereal. They now treat people like serials. The father does not go to the office anymore, like the husbands of the serial stay home all day.

Easy is lying in the chair all the time, and as soon as someone comes to the door, he calls everyone in the room and gathers him in the drawing room. There for a while, they discussed with each other in a dramatic way who could come.

The mother said, “Amena Bu or not?” At the same time, everyone looks at the mother as if her mother’s only sister has risen from the grave. Someone new really opened the door to Slow Motion without actually opening the door to him. Everyone in the house saw him open a little in slow motion. Occasionally, half of the doors open and incense closed and the door said, “the rest after the break.

” Now mom and baby go to bed with heavy makeup and jewelry before going to bed. I was not supposed to have a headache about it, but my headache was because it took me to buy makeup accessories. A few sound boxes are now installed in the room. They have different sound radios of different Moments. The mother rotates with the remote all the time and plays a sound according to each person’s voice.

Of course there are technical faults as well. That day the mother played the wrong sound in the wrong place. I said, “Mommy is hungry, eat!” Mom looked at me affectionately but forgot to give the remote the sound effect of lightning, what a breezy situation!

The worst effect of the serial that I see is that everyone is talking more than they actually think. Telling Mom, “Give me some money,” Mom went silent. For a long time, he thought quietly about what he thought, then said “come, with me”.


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